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Audio game under construction

Audio game is a first person audio puzzle that will make you listen in new ways. It is currently still in development by a team of eleven. In the game you see through the eyes of one person but hear out of the ears of another. You are in control of the movements and vision of the man while hearing out of the ears of a woman. Because of this the audio and visuals are not in sync and you will have to bend your mind to really understand the situation.

The first part of the game is about finding the woman by using what you hear through her. You can hear your own footsteps and other sounds in the environment. The loudness and direction of the sounds give you clues on where the woman might be.

In the latter part of the game you get to control the volume of certain sound producing objects, through the woman. This way you will not only hear a sound louder but the source will actually move in a fixed direction to be in sync with the loudness. For example: you can hear the sound of a car in the distance but you cannot see it through the fog. By selecting the sound of the car and making it louder, the car will move closer to you. Audio game is scheduled to be released at the end of may 2009.

You will have to turn op the volume to be able to hear what happens.

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